Hushhh Parties:  

Hushhh parties speak (or better yet, whisper) for themselves! Our exclusive Hushhh events are invite-only, and locations are disclosed only if you make the cut.

These parties range from 20 to 500 people in attendance and can take place anywhere- from a vacant industrial space to a local Brooklyn apartment (we love a good house party!).

Although the location will be unpredictable, you can expect great music from renowned musicians and DJs, stunning visual eye candy, interactive art installations, and a slew of other party additions that will guarantee more than just a good time.

*Note: Due to beverage sponsorships, you must be 21 years or older to RSVP.

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Alleys + More :

Alleys, warehouses and expressway underpasses are just a few of the spaces we consider the perfect canvases for creating our original party experiences. We revel in the unexpected. Some of our past events have been hosted in a once abandoned alley, a movie prop warehouse and other uncommon spaces with over 2500 in attendance.

As the heart and soul behind Seek Events, we are always on the lookout for raw, industrial, or otherwise overlooked spaces that have the potential to be transformed into the perfect party venue.

We work thoughtfully to create memorable, innovative experiences through our partnerships with local city organizations, private property owners and business owners. We are always looking to transform, revitalize and celebrate a non-traditional space or venue in NYC and beyond.

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It all started with our night markets in a used film prop warehouse in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Since then, we’ve added venues like lofts, vacant commercial store fronts, a forgotten Alley in Downtown Brooklyn, and the Atlantic Terminal Mall (yep, a shopping mall) to fuse together amazing local vendors with our unique approach to producing events.